Who is High Street Residential?

 High Street Residential are part of The High Street Group, which was founded in 2006 and is an award-winning family of companies successfully growing in three key sectors; Private Rental Schemes, Property Development & Construction, and Hospitality.


A combination of our passion, financial strength, and far-reaching relationships has allowed us to expand from Newcastle upon Tyne to Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore – with over 350 employees now operating in the UK alone.


With flagship projects like Newcastle’s tallest skyscraper, a portfolio of exclusive residential developments, and instantly recognisable hospitality brands, our significant growth and business expertise will secure our vision to become a £3 billion business within three years.

How big is the site?

0.52 Ha which is 1.41 acres and the site is long and thin, situated between the Tyne and Pipewellgate.

What is the history of the site?

Our Investigations indicate the following historic uses:


  • Iron Foundry (Pipewellgate Foundry) (1895 – 1919)

  • Durham Glass Works (1895)

  • Vitriol Works (1895)

  • Grease Works (1898)

  • Artificial Stone Works (1898)

  • Chemical Manure Works (1898)

  • Oil & Grease Works ( 1940 – Present)


Brett Oils ceased operations on the site in 2004 and a Development Brief for the redevelopment of the site as residential was published in 2007 by Gateshead Council.

When will a planning application be submitted? What are the timescales for a decision?

Target date for submission is last week in August 2019 and aiming for the application to be heard at Planning Committee in December 2019.

When will the development begin?

Target start on site in first quarter of 2020 to carry out demolition and site preparation ahead of Main Contractor appointment to commence construction in second quarter of 2020

How long will construction take?

Programme period is estimated at 24 months

In terms of managing demolition and construction, how will you mitigate any disturbance to neighbouring residents and business?

The demolition and clearance of the site will be undertaken by specialist registered contractors on our behalf and they will produce detailed Health and Safety plans, Risk Assessments and Method Statements for approval by the design team and the Local Authority. Once building works start, the Main Contractor will have to comply with working hour restrictions along with access/egress timescales for materials delivery that will be agreed and imposed in the conditions of any planning approval. The contractor will also be part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (https://www.ccscheme.org.uk/).

This is a prominent site on the quayside. Have you taken this into account in your design?

We have engaged with the Council over a series of Pre-Application meetings as well as officers from Historic England and the Environment Agency to help determine the content, location and massing of the development on this very narrow and sensitive location.

Will any of the existing buildings be kept on site as part of the redevelopment?

No. The site has been vacant for many years and although the existing Brett Oil buildings on the site provide a historic reference point to Gateshead’s industrial past, the existing buildings are not viable for conversion and the contamination including asbestos from the site needs to be removed to allow the site to be occupied by a mixed use scheme. The loss of these buildings to enable the redevelopment of the site is accepted by the Local Planning Authority through the adopted Development Brief for the site.

Does the development comply with planning policy?

The site has been designated by Gateshead Council who prepared a Development Brief for the site in 2007 and allocated it for redevelopment in the Development Plan.

The statutory Development Plan for the area comprises saved policies in the Gateshead Unitary Development Plan (2015), and the adopted Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan (2015) which allocates the site as a Development Opportunity Site for mixed use development (Policy QB3).

How will contamination from the previous industrial use be dealt with?

Full ground and buildings investigation were undertaken in 2009 which indicated low to moderate contamination. We are currently in the process bringing this survey work up to date to ensure that we comply with all relevant legislation and to deal with any residual issues related to previous uses of the site.

What is being proposed?

The scheme comprises a mixed use development across two blocks. The uses proposed for the scheme comprise of office, restaurant/café, leisure, parking, associated access and public realm spaces, supporting up to 270 PRS (Private Rented Sector) residential units split across the upper floors of the two blocks.

How tall will the building be?

The two blocks of accommodation are stepped to acknowledge the historic structures adjacent to the site and the Tyne Gorge, the heights will be from 5 to 10 storeys on Block A and 6 to 8 storeys on Block B

How much office space will there be?

Just over 1600 sqm

What uses are proposed for the ground floor?

Office, restaurant/café, leisure and parking uses are proposed for the ground floor.

What is PRS?

The scheme will be an institutionally managed private rental sector (PRS) scheme. All of the apartments will be available to rent with none being offered for sale, this is because the scheme will be an institutionally managed private rental sector scheme. The aim of PRS is to offer a customer first ethos to the rental market bringing together modern living with a high standard of property management.

The development has been designed to accommodate all ages and a broad demographic base, however we envisage that the majority of the units will be taken up by young professionals, graduates and other professionals keen to live and work in the town centre. There is a lack of PRS homes of this nature in the core of the town therefore the proposed development will help retain graduates and professionals and therefore keep a vital skill base in Gateshead.

What type of apartments will there be?

Up to 270 residential units currently comprising 60% one bed and 40% two bed units.

Will there be any affordable homes or social housing?

This is a private rental apartment scheme and it is a new product altogether for central Gateshead, this makes it different from a typical private sales scheme. The economics and funding of a private rental scheme preclude providing affordable homes on site.

Will there be any car parking provision in the new development?

The development is located within easy walking distance of the many great facilities Gateshead and Newcastle city centres offer, public transport options are also available within close proximity. Limited at grade parking will be provided in Block B for residents who wish to own a car. Car share schemes are also being considered on site as The High Street Group look to the future of sustainable city centre living.

What are the environmental credentials for the building?

The buildings within the development will conform to Building Regulations Part L ‘The Conservation of Fuel & Power in Buildings’.

What areas of public open space/public realm are you proposing?

There will be extensive public realm along the southern edge of the Tyne that will link walking environments to those further downriver towards the Sage. The areas will also include sufficient space for a pavement café culture for the public who wish to stay and enjoy the views and the new riverside destination the scheme will provide.

How do I sign up for an apartment?

Details on expressions of interest for the apartments will be released in due course.

What proportion of apartments will be for rent? Will there be any apartments for sale?

The current intention is that all the apartments will be for rent and be owned and managed by a single financial institution.

Will all the apartments be sold to a company/pension fund or will they will available for private purchase?

The development will be sold to a PRS operator who will manage the residential elements of the scheme as a whole.

Will High Street Residential own and manage the building, or sell to another company/developer?

High Street Group will sell the development to a PRS operator but retain the offices. Our subsidiary company High Street Hospitality will occupy and manage the food and beverage propositions, which will include a landmark restaurant alongside other aspirational offers.

Will the development create a ‘New Homes Bonus’ for Gateshead Council?

Under the current legislation, yes it will.

What happens to my comments?

We will consider all feedback and where possible and appropriate, incorporate it into the proposals. All comments will be submitted to the Council as part of the planning application, but we will not share your personal details. The local planning authority may request to see the original feedback forms, in which case we will request that your details remain private.

The High Street Group is a trading style of High Street GRP Ltd. Registered in England & Wales.
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